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The establishment of a Company requires many skills and qualifications to achieve quality products. This is why we make it our duty to provide clear and satisfactory answers to your concerns, particularly concerning everything related to the security of your data, confidentiality and, fidelity about the content of your works. To meet this challenge, we have dedicated and talented team of seasoned professionals subject to regular evaluation procedures.

Our translators, interpreters, proofreaders, trainers and evaluators are all bound to the Agency by a confidentiality charter which guarantees the confidentiality of the work you submit to us.

Translation , Interpreting and Service Company


The translation, interpreting and service company (ATIS) was created in 2006. ATIS is a consultancy firm that offers its services in various fields, including translation, interpretation, proofreading, and rewriting of documents from and into English, French, video subtitling, organization of international meetings, training and project evaluation.

We provide a team of interpreters, conference translators in both languages, manage the secretariat of your events with a dynamic, bilingual client-oriented team, and organize your meetings and conferences.

We have the expertise and a multisectoral and multidisciplinary approach.



ATIS ensures responsiveness, availability, and promptness in the processing of your services.

Quality Service

ATIS guarantees quality service, reasonable deadlines, and competitive prices.


ATIS has a network of collaborators with a very high level of competence in their fields.

Customized support

At ATIS, each client receives customized support with the assignment of a project manager to any order.

Presentation of the manager

Mr. Amadou Kane has worked as a translator/interpreter for more than twenty years with forty international organizations and firms in particular UN organizations, JICA and USAID implementing projects. He holds a master's degree in English from the University of Dakar and a Master in Project Management His strong experience in translating documents on project management urged him to undertake courses on project management including monitoring and evaluation to better translate technical aspects related to evaluation issues. Mr. Amadou KANE is also a certified English French translator. He is also a member of the Senegalese association of translators (ASTRA).

Amadou KANE

A multidisciplinary and experienced team

ATIS brings together quality human resources, experts with university and post-university degrees, each with over fifteen-year practical experience in various fields related to development. In addition to its core team, ATIS also collaborates with other resource people, firms, design offices, and organizations specializing in similar or different fields.


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